Mathematics Open Online Course (Age 13-18)

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Mathematics open online course
Modul 1Arithmetic and algebra
Unitate 1The four operations
Unitate 2Approximations and Roundings
Unitate 3Algebra - Basic concepts
Unitate 4Positive and Negative Numbers
Unitate 5Sequences
Unitate 6Factors and multiples
Unitate 7Indices and standard form
Unitate 8Fractions, decimals and percentages
Unitate 9Ration and proportions
Unitate 10Calculations with fractions and percentages
Unitate 11Rate of change, growth and decay
Unitate 12Geometric Mean
Unitate 13Probability of an event
Unitate 14Probability
Unitate 15Collection and representation of data
Unitate 16Arithmetic progression
Unitate 17Geometric progressions
Modul 2Functions
Unitate 1Graphs
Unitate 2Dependent functional
Unitate 3Abbreviation of algebraic formulas
Unitate 4Function of type I
Unitate 5Functions of type II
Modul 3Equations
Unitate 1Algebraic expressions
Unitate 2The first degree equation
Unitate 3The equation of type 2
Unitate 4Exponential equations
Unitate 5Solving problems with equations
Modul 4Geometry
Unitate 1Geometry - Introduction
Unitate 2Unghiuri
Unitate 3Perimeter, area, volume
Unitate 4Median of a triangle
Unitate 5Rectangle
Unitate 6The Square
Unitate 7The Thales theorem
Unitate 8The right parallelipiped
Unitate 9Fundamental theory of similarity
Unitate 10Pythagora's Theorem
Unitate 11Circle
Unitate 12Pyramid
Unitate 13Regulated tetrahedron
Modul 5Feed-back session
Unitate 1Feed-back questionnaire

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